Colleagues Working Together
Stressed Man

 promote teamwork ...

Creative Thoughts

protect against burnout... 

boost focus and creativity!

 Upwards of 35% of employers 

 have incorporated mindfulness 
 into the workplace* 

Work Mindful

Google, Nike, Apple, Yahoo! and Deutsche Bank are just a few companies that are teaching their employees some basic mindfulness techniques. But big businesses aren't the only ones utilizing the power of mindfulness to improve their employee's wellbeing.


Many employers are finding benefits beyond what may have been their original motivation for adopting a mindfulness program.

Companies are seeing positive results from mindfulness training including:


  • thousands of Euro saved by reducing the risk of burnout

  • reducing stress and tension 

  • promoting a collaborative work environment

  • increased energy and enthusiasm

  • stronger interpersonal relationships

  • improved communication

  • boosts in creativity and focus

  • increased morale...and an overall happier workforce

Psst...did you know? 

Employers are entitled to a tax-deductible expense of up to 500 Euro per employee every year on mindfulness and yoga training programs. 

The Art of Disengagement

We are a society addicted to our mobile phones. We are continually bombarded with information from the Internet and social media, and we never seem to slow down. We find ourselves increasingly unable to focus and are easily distracted, causing us to be less productive, less creative and increasingly unhappy.

Taking periodic breaks in our technology consumption is a big part of the solution. Mindfulness can give us the awareness necessary to make informed decisions about our media consumption.


Great companies employ focused and engaged people. 

*, January 24, 2019 article titled, "The Monk Who Taught the World Mindfulness Awaits the End of This Life" (about Thich Nhat Hanh)